Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is coming quick and many shoppers are wondering how to find the perfect gift. But come December 26th, how much money will be transferred info the pockets of foreign manufacturers? Try $1.1 trillion to China, $936 billion, to Japan, followed by $397 billion owed to the United Kingdom. We need to reverse this trend.

Buy Locally

This holiday season try to avoid the big box retailers and help the small business merchants in your city or town. The quality of service tends to be a friendly and helpful to you finding solutions to your needs. Customers also have a greater voice in requesting goods made here in the States.

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates can be a great idea for the person who has everything. Why not pamper your loved one with a trip to the local spa and beauty parlor. Grocery stores and restaurants are also another great idea.

Cut Your Own Christmas Tree

Taking your family to a local tree farm is a wonderful tradition the whole family will enjoy. In addition, you will be doing your part not purchasing a plastic tree made in China. The money goes to help farms incomes in the cold winter months.

Make Your Presents

The best presents are those that are made from those that you love. There are may craft ideas that can be found on the world wide web. Hand made gift wrapping ideas can be found too.

We hope you consider these suggestions when doing your family Christmas shopping. The money you spend will then stay close to home and give a boost the local economy. You’ll feel good about it, the recipients of your gifts will have a happy holiday and the people from whom you bought the gifts will, too.


6 thoughts on “Christmas Gift Ideas

  1. I like to give collectible Christmas ornaments because they are always the perfect price! The White House and the US Capitol both offer special annual Christmas ornaments that are very impressive. I buy several to give as holiday house warming gifts. I just searched “White House Christmas Ornament” at google, and I ended up shopping at because the only have ornaments that are made in the USA!

  2. Supporting local business is the way to go this holiday season. Let’s help our local communities buy purchasing holiday gifts from our neighbors and not large retailers like Wal-Mart which supply most of their products from countries like China.

  3. Gifts are such beautiful ideas that leaves your loved one’s spell bound and make them feel really special. We feel honoured that we serve as a medium of delivering gifts wrapped in emotions and love.

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