Buy American Made Goods This Holiday Season

The purpose of “Made in USA Christmas” is a campaign to promote goods “Made in USA” or “Made in America” during the Holiday Season. We understand that finding holiday gifts crafted from American manufacturers can be difficult. Please feel free to post stories, comments, and whatever comes to mind about how we can support American manufacturers. We hope to grow new jobs for our community members.

4 thoughts on “Buy American Made Goods This Holiday Season

  1. (Am I the first one to post something on a website? Neat!!!)
    There is no question Americans have to be more vigilant when the subject at hand is “Buy American,” “Made in USA,” “Made in America” … which ever term you deem appropriate, the bottom line is the same: America is literally being overrun by an ocean of imported goods (mainly from the far East), further endangering our already fragile economy. A great many of us are being short-sighted by buying imported goods in order to save a few cents or dollars while simultaneously eroding the very cornerstone that built this country: American manufacturing. Enough of the lecture-y bad stuff, lets talk about the good stuff: where to buy American made goods for the Christmas Season!

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